Caregiver colfata Roma Ostia Sciorena 41 En

Badante colf tata georgiana Roma Sciorena 41
badante roma
Badante colf tata Roma Ostia Sciorena 41

badante roma

Hi my name is Sciorena and I am 41 years old. I am of Georgian nationality, with 1 years of experience as a carer caretaker. I am referenced and I speak Italian poorly (I am learning).

At the moment I am looking for a permanent job with room and board 24 hours a day as a carer. In the case of work with accommodation I also fit in a shared room.

I am also available, if necessary, for assistance to elderly people who are not sufficiently disabled in wheelchairs.

Or sufferers of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or Senile Dementias Even if in full-blown form.

I know how to practice insulins with suitable automated devices. I am skilled in measuring blood glucose values ​​with appropriate equipment.

I prefer a permanent job. I therefore exclude monthly replacements. And, as far as the kitchen is concerned, I am doing quite well.

I am also available for occasional service also on holidays, associated with the service provided on weekdays. I am also available to take care of small pets if present.

Flow decree is pending, but available for use according to local regulations, also in other European or non-EU countries.

I am currently in Rome. With availability to use and move to any area of ​​Rome (well connected areas) or Ostia

N.B. in the reply message kindly provide the work area, the type of assistance and a telephone number (essential for the answer) where you can contact you, thank you.

tel. 338 992 6005


Present in Albo Badanti Italia –

Nationality: Georgian
Years of experience: 1
Type of work sought: caregiver colf tata
Working hours: fixed with food and accommodation 24 hours a day
Avail. Physics: not enough disabled cars in a wheelchair.
Avail. psychic: Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or Senile Dementias
Language: I speak Italian poorly (I’m learning)
Kitchen: sufficient
Pets: available
Night coverage: yes
Sundays and holidays: occasional service
Monthly replacements: excluded
Areas requested: Rome (well connected areas) or Ostia


badante roma